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Weekly Radar (June 12 - June 18)

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June 16, 2023

Introducing "Weekly Radar by Bluedot," your go-to source for the latest updates in the world of electric cars, EV charging, and more. We understand the growing importance of sustainable transportation and are committed to keeping you informed about the latest developments in this exciting field.

Each week, our team curates a selection of news articles, expert insights, and innovations related to electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and the broader clean energy landscape. Whether you're an EV enthusiast, an industry professional, or simply curious about the future of transportation, our Weekly Radar will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the most relevant and engaging topics. Stay connected, stay informed, and join us on this electrifying journey towards a greener future.

  • Rivian hopes to earn carbon credits for its EV chargers, including those in homes | MIT Technology Review --> Rivian markets its high-end electric trucks to climate-conscious consumers hoping to simultaneously explore the great outdoors and do right by the planet. Now, the California-based automaker has applied to earn carbon credits for the chargers that power its pickups and SUVs, including those installed in its customers’ homes—an effort that MIT Technology Review is revealing for the first time.
  • Apple's iOS 17 Will Add Real-Time EV Charger Availability in Apple Maps (notateslaapp.com) --> With iOS 17's upcoming release, Apple continues its forward-thinking approach to improving the user experience for electric vehicle owners. The upcoming update to Apple Maps offers real-time charging availability information, an inclusion that promises to streamline the charging process and heighten convenience for Tesla and other EV drivers.
  • Tesla's Superchargers can get federal subsidies—with one caveat (qz.com) --> The Biden administration is opening up federal subsidies to Tesla charging stations—but only if they carry US’s own fast-charging standard for electric vehicles.On Friday (June 9), the White House said that EV charging stations using Tesla’s standard plugs—the North American Charging Standard (NACS), as Tesla christened it last year—would be eligible for billions of dollars in federal subsidies. But they must include the “combined charging system” (CCS) to qualify.
  • Blink to launch fast charger for EVs with Tesla's charging port (yahoo.com) -->Electric vehicle charging equipment maker Blink Charging said on Monday it will launch a new fast charger with Tesla's connector, as the industry moves away from the standard Combined Charging System connector used by many automakers.Last week, General Motors (GM) said it would join Ford in adopting Tesla's previously proprietary North American Charging Standard (NACS) port, which is set to dominate 60% of the U.S. EV market with the partnerships.
  • ABM Debuts Its First-Ever Branded Integrated EV Charging Solution (yahoo.com) --> ABM (NYSE: ABM), one of the nation’s largest providers of facility services, infrastructure solutions, and parking management, has announced the debut of its first-ever branded electric vehicle (“EV”) products, including ABM EV Charging Stations (Level 2 and Level 3) and ABM EV OS, a cloud-based operating platform for EV chargers.

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