Pioneering seamless, scalable solutions for future sustainable transportation.

We create a world powered by electric vehicles for sustainable, efficient transportation.

Supporting Drivers and Businesses in EV TransitionSimplify Operations, and Optimize Energy Usage

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About Bluedot - Pioneering Sustainable Transportation Solutions

We support drivers and businesses in their transition to EV.

Through innovative technologies and personalized services, we streamline the adoption process, simplify operations, and optimize energy usage, paving the way for a sustainable, electrified future.

Value we bring to our drivers


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efficiency and reliability in charging processes


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EV-related expenses

Our Core Values

We break down barriers so teams can focus on what matters – working together to create products their customers love.

Team Work


Result Orientation

Growth Mindset

Our mission is to boost remote productivity

Igniting Change with Bluedot.

At the heart of Bluedot lies a passionate team united by a singular mission: to increase the adoption of electric vehicles among fleets and individual drivers alike. We are here to redefine the electric vehicle experience, making it more efficient, manageable, and enjoyable, while steadfastly working towards our vision of a sustainable and electrified future.

The Future of Transportation, Tailored by Bluedot

As electric vehicles become the norm, Bluedot is poised to be the indispensable solution for individuals and fleets alike. Our end-to-end solutions are designed to enhance the EV experience, ensuring you are ready and equipped for the road ahead.

Accelerating Global Progress, One Charge at a Time

Our vision is bold and clear: to fast-track the global transition to electric vehicles through cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled experiences. Join us in driving a future of sustainable and efficient transportation worldwide, with Bluedot leading the way.

Educate, Scale, Transform: Pioneering the EV Revolution

Bluedot is committed to empowering the world with knowledge and solutions that make electric transformations efficient and scalable. We are the educators and innovators driving the change towards cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable transportation.

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