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How to charge your EV with Bluedot?

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October 7, 2021
Step-by-Step Instructions for charging your car with Bluedot:
  • Open the Bluedot App on your phone and use the map feature to locate a charging station nearby.
  • Once you’ve identified a charging station, view the details such as its address, socket, and available charging options.
  • Select the charging plug that’s compatible with your car.
  • Tap on the “Start Charging” button to initiate the charging process.
  • Once your car is fully charged, or your charging session has ended, complete the process from the charging station by stopping.
  • Your car is now charged and ready for your next journey.

Using a Bluedot card for electric vehicle charging:

To get even more from your Bluedot membership, use your Bluedot card to charge your electric vehicle at any station on our map, including ChargePoint and EVgo. If a charger is not shown on our map, try using their Bluedot card with the card reader (if available) or add their Bluedot Card information to that station’s charging app as a payment method.

1. In-network charging: Initiate the EV charging process through the Bluedot app to process your payment. The charging network is provided by EVgo, ChargePoint, and seven additional smaller and medium-sized brands.

DC -> $0.30 per kWh

AC -> $0.03 per min*

*Please note that these rates only apply to chargers that are started through the Bluedot app.

2. Out-of-network charging: If a station doesn’t show up on our app, you can still initiate the EV charging process from various network applications and use the Bluedot Debit Card for payment. Input your Bluedot Card information into that station’s application, such as Tesla, EA, or Volta, and specify your preferred payment method.

“out-of-network” -> full price, but you can get 20% cash back when you use your Bluedot Debit Card.

On your EV charging spending, you can earn 20% cash back with a Bluedot Debit Card. Whether you’re filling up at a charging station or paying for groceries, Bluedot will help you save.

I noticed that the cost of charging at a Tesla station was not $0.30 per kWh as mentioned in your offer, so can you clarify if the discounted rate of $0.30 per kWh is available at all charging stations or only those that are part of the Bluedot map?

The $0.30 per kWh offer is only available for charging sessions started in the Bluedot app at chargers that are on our map. If you’re a Bluedot Card holder, you can use the Bluedot App to initiate charging at a compatible charging station. Simply open the app and select the charging station you wish to use. The total cost of the charging session will be automatically withdrawn from your Bluedot Account. You can also use the app to view your account balance and transaction history.

Does the 20% cash back apply to all charging station companies?

Yes, if you use your Bluedot Card to pay for charging at any compatible charging station, you will receive a 20% cash back reward (in Oxygen Points) on your charging expenses. To start earning this reward, simply add your Bluedot Card as a payment method in your existing charging station app. It’s easy and convenient! When you use your Bluedot Card to pay for a charging session, the cost will be automatically deducted from your Bluedot Account and you will receive the cash back reward as points in your account. The cash back reward is a great way to save money on your charging costs and make the most of your Bluedot Card.

Zahra Currimbhoy
Marketing, Perdoo

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