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Driving Forward Together: Bluedot and Amber's Alliance for EV Longevity

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November 22, 2023

In the spirit of innovation and sustainability, Bluedot is excited to announce a partnership with Amber, a company dedicated to keeping electric vehicles (EV) running smoothly for longer. This collaboration is a testament to our shared dedication to advancing EV technology and ownership.

Bluedot & Amber: A Symbiotic Alliance

Bluedot's prowess in offering seamless payment solutions and enriching driving experiences synergizes perfectly with Amber's expertise in ensuring the longevity and health of EVs. This partnership is set to provide a holistic and hassle-free EV experience, making sustainable mobility more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Key Features of the Partnership

  • Reliability Meets Reward: Amber's comprehensive mechanical breakdown coverage complements Bluedot's rewarding charging experience, ensuring EVs are both well-maintained and easy to charge.
  • Empowering the EV Community: This alliance is about more than just technology; it's about fostering a vibrant community where EV ownership is not just an eco-friendly choice but also a smart, hassle-free lifestyle.
  • Accessible and Cost-Effective Solutions: The collaboration aims to make EV charging networks more widespread and user-friendly, breaking down financial barriers to EV adoption and simplifying the charging process.

Bluedot’s Pledge: A Greener Future

Bluedot is committed to building an inclusive EV charging network, making clean energy both affordable and convenient. The focus is on simplifying the EV charging experience, integrating seamlessly into daily routines and enhancing the overall EV journey.

Amber's Commitment: Longevity and Affordability

Amber's focus is on keeping EVs running longer with their transparent mechanical breakdown coverage plans, designed in collaboration with top EV technicians. This minimizes waste and protects EV owners from high repair costs, especially for high-voltage components.

Join Our Eco-Friendly Journey

We invite Amber customers to experience Bluedot's innovative charging solutions. Together, Bluedot and Amber are not just advancing eco-friendly vehicles; we're transforming the EV ownership landscape, making it more satisfying and sustainable for drivers nationwide.

Esra Erimez
Digital Marketing Manager

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