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Bluedot x Zevvy: Drive EV Affordability

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May 15, 2023

Long commuters and gig drivers across California can save a lot on fuel and maintenance by switching to electric vehicles (EVs). But the cost of electric cars remains a big roadblock to widespread EV adoption.

That’s why Bluedot is excited to partner with Zevvy to make driving electric more affordable for everyone.

Zevvy’s innovative, flexible lease platform eliminates the barriers of traditional leases and loans, like mileage caps, long terms and sky-high upfront payments. While the average consumer lease covers 833 to 1,000 miles per month, that falls short of typical use for many in California – and lessees often pay exorbitant per-mile overages if they exceed their contracted amount. With no mileage caps and a per-mile fee designed to preserve some of the gas and maintenance savings for customers, Zevvy drivers can afford to go wherever they need to in their EVs.

In addition, the company’s underwriting process looks at each driver’s financial situation individually, analyzing not only income and debt, but also the net economic benefit owning an EV will have on their personal bottom line. On average, Zevvy drivers save $283 a month on avoided gas and maintenance expenses. Even better, Zevvy drivers across California build equity as they drive: if they buy their EV at the end of their term, all the mileage they’ve paid is deducted from the price. It’s a pathway to EV ownership not offered through any other company or channel.

Just like Zevvy, Bluedot wants to make it easy to get behind the wheel of an EV. Starting today, Zevvy customers –  who complete the vast majority of their charging at public stations – can now enjoy a flat fee of $0.30/kWh plus 20% cash back at charging stations using the Bluedot Debit Card.

Together, Bluedot and Zevvy are clearing the way for drivers to transition to electric vehicles, creating a more sustainable future for all. Won’t you join us? 👉

Jakob Gouse
Product Marketing and Communications

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