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Bluedot and NeoCharge Partner to Make EV Charging More Accessible

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May 1, 2023

Charging EVs at home is convenient for many drivers. But for others, the cost and hassle of installing a home charger may keep them from getting an electric car.

That’s why we’re excited to partner with NeoCharge, a solution that allows for the easy sharing of existing 240V outlets for EV charging. Together, we aim to make it more convenient and cost-effective for drivers to charge their EVs, thus contributing to a more sustainable transportation system.

NeoCharge enables drivers to charge their EVs at home with ease, without the need for expensive and time-consuming installations. They’re a great fit as a partner with Bluedot, asour mission is to provide convenient solutions for EV drivers, such as an all-access debit card and rewards program.

As a special offer for Bluedot users, we’re offering 4% cash back in Oxygen Points for NeoCharge purchases made with Bluedot Debit Card. So, if you’re a Bluedot user and looking for a more accessible and convenient way to charge your EV at home, be sure to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

NeoCharge is also releasing a new smart charging app for your EV in the coming months for help you save money on your utility bill, reduce your carbon emissions, and get better transparency into your charging costs.

By working together, Bluedot and NeoCharge aren’t just making home charging easier. We’re contributing to the wider goal of increasing EV adoption and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation. Our partnership makes it easier for drivers to transition to electric vehicles, creating a greener future for us all.

Esra Erimez
Digital Marketing Manager

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