EV charging for your business

Track your employees’ EV charging with controlled budgets, get one monthly bill, and view all the charging and sustainability data for all your drivers.

Charging Management Reimagined

Budget Control

Allocate specific weekly or monthly budgets to drivers controlling your expenses.


Submit reimbursement request on the go for home and depot charging.

Reimagined Charging Management System
Completely Integrated Driver App

Integrated Driver App

Effortlessly Manage Your Fleet: Add vehicles or drivers to your fleet dashboard, allowing them to charge their EVs using the Bluedot Driver App.

Expense Management: View all your charging expenses in one place. Track, control, and plan easily with automated reporting.

Your all-in-one dashboard

All your data points at your

Access all the usage data points about your fleet in your home dashboard.

Charging costs
View charging costs per month and in total

Analyze the kWh delivered
Analyze to your fleet per month and in total

Master your EV fleet  charging: analyze, manage, and optimize

All your data points at your

Per Session Data
Obtain access to a variety of data points across each charging session.

Data Export
Conveniently export the collected session data for further analysis.

Complete Session Visibility
Easily monitor every charging session your fleet completes.


Manage Vehicles

Fleet Management

Add new vehicles to your fleet effortlessly and assign them to different drivers with ease.

Vehicle Selection

Enable drivers to select their vehicles within the app for seamless operation.

Manage Drivers

Instant Driver Addition
Quickly add drivers with an activation code and login info for the Bluedot app.

Budget Control
Set monthly charging budgets for each driver.

Driver Management
Easily add or remove drivers from your fleet at any time.

For Sustainable Businesses

Facilitate seamless onboarding and offer charging as a benefit to encourage your drivers towards EVs.

Ensure a smooth user experience with convenient charging locations. With our platform, embrace sustainability while improving operational efficiency.

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