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Where to Charge Electric Cars?

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June 13, 2023

If you own an electric car, you might be well acquainted with the questions 'where to charge electric cars 'or 'how to charge electric car in public?'. Batteries in electric vehicles supply electricity to electric motors, which propel the wheels. Maintaining a charged battery is just as simple as filling up the petrol tank in a gas-powered automobile and is essential to keeping the vehicle going.

So, how and where to charge electric cars? Electric car owners plug in anytime they park and return to a car with a fuller battery than when they left it, which is different from filling up a petrol or diesel vehicle with fuel. 

Where to charge electric cars, it is best to consider where you park most frequently and look to use charge points installed there. That typically involves going from home to work to other destinations. 

On rare occasions, you'll need to travel farther than your battery's remaining range and recharge while on the road using a high-powered rapid charger. If that's the case, you can always search for where to charge electric car on road trip or where to charge electric cars near me.

Where to charge electric cars? An electric car can be charged in three places: at home, work, or a public charging station. Here is how you can charge your car at these places: 

  • Charging at Home: This is the simplest way to keep an EV charged if you have access to a garage with electrical service. Every EV has a simple charging unit that enables "Level 1" charging or plugging into a regular 120-volt wall outlet. Unfortunately, a full charge can take up to eight hours to utilize house electricity. A dedicated 240-volt connection and a specific "Level 2" charger installed by an electrician in your garage are preferable options. Although expensive, the additional up-front costs will be justified by the significantly faster charging times. Using Level 2 charging, an EV's battery can be fully recharged in four hours or less, depending on the model. Many states have initiatives that can help reduce the cost of installing a home charging station. Charging at home is also the cheapest way to keep an EV running, so it's the best for charge electric car cost
  • Charging in Public: Where to charge electric cars? Literally everywhere. Public EV chargers can be located in gas stations, parking garages, grocery stores, theaters, and even just by the side of the road. In just 20 to 30 minutes, a rapid charging device like this one may supply up to 80% of the power. The network of public charging stations keeps expanding. The websites and apps can be used to locate locations with charging stations. While some public charging stations charge a price that varies depending on the operator, many still provide free charging. You can always search for free electric car charging near me or for the cost to charge electric car at station
  • Charging at Work: Where to charge electric cars? For their employees' use, some businesses have installed electric car chargers in their garages and parking lots. Most of the time, these are Level 2 chargers, which is not necessarily a drawback given that a car can be connected during an eight-hour workday. Although some jurisdictions now provide a reward for having on-site stations installed, workplace charging is still not very prevalent.

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