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What is the cost of charging an electric car?

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May 17, 2023

One of the big promises of the electric car is that it will save you money, at least in terms of gasoline expenditures. However, the fallacy that electric vehicles are completely free is arguably one of the most pervasive. Yes, there is still a cost to charge an electric car. Okay but, how much does it cost to charge an EV car?

The cost of charging an electric car drastically differs. How much it costs to charge an EV car can depend on several factors, including its location, the vehicle you're driving, and more. The average price to charge an electric car should be between $5 and $30 to charge an automobile completely. The cost to charge an electric car depends on the car's battery sizes and the location of the charging stations; if you own a car with a low battery and choose to charge at a less expensive area, you'll be approaching the $5 mark. Additionally, the price will be higher if you use a fast charger with a car with a big battery. Yes, it is not free but it can be definitely said that it is completely more affordable!

How Much Does to Charge EV at Home?

The area where you stay, the season, and even the hour of the day when peak rates are just a few factors that may impact electricity rates. Late at night is generally when electricity use and expenses are lowest. According to how much of the battery is used during the day, the charge will frequently top off at full capacity. To maintain a full load, a vehicle will typically cost between $1.40 and $2.50 per night to top up. It would cost between €9.10 and $9.90 to completely recharge the battery from almost zero, which is the same as running to a gas station with an empty tank. As you can see, while charging your EV at home, you can get rid of many extra costs. On the other hand, the cost to charge an electric car at a station is a completely different situation and so, let’s examine it!

Car Charging Station Prices

Charging electric vehicles in a public charging station is entirely different. Fast-charging innovation has cost public charging firms a lot of money to develop, in addition to the price of setting up stations and paying staff. What about the outcome? Chargers cost significantly more, unfortunately.

Car charging station prices might vary. Since 'Level 1' chargers can take up to 24 hours to fully charge an automobile, they are most helpful in the nighttime. Below 30 miles of charge are usually provided per hour using Level 2 chargers. DC fast chargers, also known as level 3 chargers, may frequently fully charge an automobile in less than one hour. The cost to charge an electric car at the station can take a lot of work to narrow down pricing due to the broad range of prices. Charge car prices are controlled by networks or property owners, and they might be free, pay-as-you-go, or subscription-based. Instead of charging customers based on the length of time, it takes to charge their cars, the industry is transitioning toward a cost system based on kWh used.

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